Are You Liable for the Safety of others?

Building owners have an obligation to ensure that an essential safety measure or piece of safety equipment is maintained in accordance with the BCA requirements and is able to operate satisfactorily.

If you own:

  • A boarding house

  • A guest house

  • A hotel

  • A hostel

  • An apartment

  • A block of flats

  • Buildings used for display of goods

  • A nightclub/bar/sports club/club

  • A factory/industrial building

  • Backpacker accommodation

  • Accommodation in a school

  • Accommodation for the elderly

  • Accommodation for the disabled

  • Public Buildings: Health care/Assembly

  • Accommodation for children

  • Offices (commercial/professional)

  • Shop(s) or other retail buildings

  • Restaurant/Dining Room/Milk Bar

  • Buildings used for Car Parks

  • Building used for storage of goods 

Then you are responsible for: 

  • Building fire integrity

  • Means of egress

  • Exit signs

  • Lighting

  • Fire-fighting services and equipment

  • Air handling systems

  • Automatic fire detection and alarm systems

  • Occupant warning systems

  • Lifts

  • Standby power supply systems

  • Building clearance and fire appliances

  • Building use and application

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