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Welcome to Metropolitan Essential Services

At Metropolitan Essential Services, we provide comprehensive A to Z solutions for all your Essential Safety Measures and Facilities Management requirements.

Our involvement within the industry began out of necessity; our founders’ ever expanding network and property portfolio required an Essential Service Measures facilitation service offering professional and cost effective monitoring and solutions. With little on offer to our satisfaction and level of expectation, we decided to do it ourselves…And get it right.


In 1999 our company commenced auditing and was incorporated as Metropolitan Essential Services in 2002. With more than ten years experience, we perform over 9,000 completed audits annually and service over 250 clients.


MES operate an accountable and transparent business model directed by the corporate governance of our professional board. Our senior management team boasts an excess of 110 years combined experience and each and every member of staff was individually chosen for their expertise and dedication to our cause.


We can ensure that your building meets compliance with Essential Safety Measures legislation, Australian Standards, Building Codes and current State Regulations and guarantee your assets and your people are protected.


At MES we pride ourselves on integrity, commitment and customer service.


Our promise is simple: safety for the people and properties you value.